About Us

Louis Vorstermans was born in the Netherlands, but immigrated to Australia after a college education in mechanical engineering.   A natural gift for languages, combined with a strong formal education in English, allowed him to assimilate quickly and completely.

This led to a management career that saw his appointment as MD of the subsidiary of a large Anglo-American multi-national paper manufacturing group, at the early age of 29.

After two further appointments as CEO of companies involved in electronic security services and national distribution of German white goods respectively, he now works as a full-time, freelance technical translator Dutch/Flemish>English.

Louis successfully sat his N.A.A.T.I. professional accreditation exam in 1995 and completed a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 1997.  A perfectionist, who loves languages and linguistics, he takes pride in producing work of the highest standard, and within the time-lines agreed with the client.